“I build platforms that go further than just aesthetic beauty. I replace guesswork with factual body response from fitness markers and stats. I allow for adaptation & progression. I coach for exceptional fitness. I turn my clients into athletes"


I build platforms that go further than just aesthetic beauty, because there are greater considerations to take into account in order for each of my clients to be able to "sustain results".

I aim to deliver bespoke platforms that factor for the "tapering of VO2 Max", retaining or increasing lean muscle mass, whilst avoiding metabolic adaptation so that you don’t slip back into old ways after I’ve done my job. I deliver nutritional environment protocols optimised to ensure energy levels are high for peak demand levels in the day, and digestion levels of certain macros need to be lowered to help push you towards a state of fat adaption and stable insulin management so that fat is used as your primary fuel source, thus turning your body into a fat burning furnace.

I will also show you how to build a STRONG core in order to perform at peak and be at one within. This comes from knowing yourself and your goals, something successful individuals do instinctively.

Exceptional fitness requires exceptional understanding of every client

Without any background history and a detailed personal physiological and psychological assessment of you the client, it is impossible truly understand your fitness goals and exactly where you presently stand in relation to your health & fitness targets.

The very first step I take with each new client is one of both understanding and the recording and logging of analytical statistics, which are the only true elements that will monitor and identify factual body response to exercise stimuli, nutritional intake, and the biochemical reaction occurring within the body.

Efficient and accurate monitoring will accelerate your progress by removing guesswork with facts, whilst ensuring client safety and wellbeing is monitored at all times.

As a new client we will spend the day together on my “Prepare2Win Day, establishing a fitness baseline, a critical consideration for any training program.

My entire platform for all goals and targets will always centre on setting “fitness markers” against varying analytics of the metabolism and setting targeted progressive stimuli across these “markers” to induce the opening of adaptation  pathways that will lead to a “stronger, faster, fitter, leaner and more balanced” you.

VO2 Max or VO (2R) training against aerobic capacity is literally at the heart of becoming successful in all sports. The targeting of increasing baseline fitness will greatly assist you in both obtaining and sustaining your overall fitness goals, whilst giving you lower levels of body fat, enhanced health, and a sense of more vibrant wellbeing. VO2 focused training will give improvements in your aerobic capacity or “stroke volume”. This is essentially how much blood (which contains oxygen) the heart can pump out to the working muscles with every beat.




The prepare2win day allows me to make a fitness assessment report of your “VO2 Max score, blood pressure, resting HR, MHR, FTP, body fat, weight, mobility, and power distribution” through the use of state of the art performance & medical monitoring equipment, bespoke software and an acute world leading understanding of using the Wattbike as a fitness assessment tool.

Completion of the Prepare2Win Day enables me to establish a “true fitness baseline and accurate training zones” from which I will then set specific and efficient training targets.

Factual body response to training stimuli

My first priority will be to condition both your mind and body to training intensity levels so fierce, that your body will be “tricked” into fearing for it’s survival.  It will be forced to signal the opening of adaption pathways that will eventually lead to the physiological change you desire. You will become fitter, faster, stronger and leaner. You will become the ultimate you. 

My expertise lies in training the body with an emphasis on causing a metabolic trigger at cellular level that opens up adaptation pathways that all lead to increased levels of VO2 Max, lactate threshold, mitochondrial density and the ability to oxidise fat stores as fuel. This trigger is known in part as the “fight or flight” response, which results in the secretion of hormones known as catecholamines.

Understand all the biological factors that increase baseline VO2 Max, are closely connected, thus training will increase your requirement for blood volume which leads to increased stroke volume (the amount of blood pumped per heart beat) this decrease’s your heart rate at both rest and during increased intensity demands. As your metabolism becomes more efficient, VO2R increases giving stronger fitness ability, which leads to increased performance both cardiovascular and anaerobically giving you the best conditions possible to increase lean muscle mass from hypertrophy training, thus increasing RMR which will give greater fat oxidation efficiency and lead to a decrease in the % of body fat you hold.

What I have just described is a factual body response. It can be tracked, measured and recorded. From the initial assessment on the Prepare2Win day and the tracking methods I am about to mention we can ditch guesswork, and instead use real hard statistical facts against established science methodology and proven protocols that I have devised over some 22 years to obtain results.

Time for a different way to train

As a client of Scott Alexander, every workout you perform whether it be with me coaching you at my park lane studio or on your own, will have your performance analytics recorded against personalised targets and fitness markers. Immediately upon completion of your workout a report is fired over to my personal phone and a detailed report is awaiting my review on my desktop.

The data that is collected will be analysed and your personal training and diet programs will be adapted immediately around it so that I can tailor your needs so that your body is “running as efficiently and as safely as possible”. This ensures each and every workout counts, and we are not wasting any time on progressing forward.


I call this phase “Remote Coaching”, it’s a world class, truly bespoke training, nutritional and lifestyle experience with each element hand crafted by me, and available in the palm of your hand. The remote coaching experience is individualised, responsive and adaptive, concentrating on one need.... Yours.

I have dedicated the past three years of my life to personally develop my bespoke coaching software to be the very best. The software is globally accessible to you at any time of the day or night in any time zone.

Remote coaching ensures we don’t “disconnect” and will speed up your success with me by seamlessly transmitting vital stats and performance analytics that will enable me to adapt both training and diet to the chemical reactions of your body.


Nutraceutical Efficiency

Sustainable results come from optimally “fuelling the body” and can’t possibly be achieved from “dieting” down the body.

Clients who are on my remote coaching or one of my bespoke platforms will experience food excellence. Expect daily personliased fuel plans that detail exactly what to eat and when alongside software logging systems and access to the "Alexander Bespoke" exclusive database of meal recipes, Nutraceutical shake blends, fuel snacks and more to offer you "authorised" variety to your fuel plan.

Now there are many approaches, theories, hypotheses and protocols surrounding nutrition, then there is my approach which has enabled me to be one of the very few who easily maintain sub 6% body fat year round without experiencing loss of performance, health or feeling deprivation….

I work closely with my wife Natalie Alexander on all nutritional matters..

I work closely with my wife Natalie Alexander on all nutritional matters..

Working alongside my wife Natalie Alexander, a recognised nutritional specialist and recipe creator, my methodology helps busy people who either struggle to know what to eat and when, or find it hard to spare the time to plan, shop and alter nutritional intake to account for biochemical imbalances and fluctuations with delicious, tailored and innovative recipes devised by Natalie that you will never get bored with and because you will be enjoying your food it’s easier to remain committed and sustain progression.

The key to my approach? I deliver insulin management and fat adaption that fuel increased fitness ability whilst supporting your specific fitness goals and weight management targets.

I pay emphasis upon the metabolic effect of food, thus what you eat and when and never just aimlessly kcal counting. I factor for the efficient inclusion of Nutraceuticals (NUTRITIVE + PHARMACEUTICAL: A food stuff as a fortified food or dietary supplement that provides health benefits) so that fitness and science work as one to allow for optimal adaption and progression whilst providing enhancement to nutritional intake and the bodies recovery state.


My approach is not jut born from 22 years of experience. The science is both proven and creditable and there’s been a big swift towards what I have been saying for many years “drop the carbs and become fat adapted”.

The reason for my approach is simple; the metabolic state of fat cells is the key to fat loss & that’s why Kcal IN and OUT as a mechanism to sustainable fat loss should be excluded; 


The timing and metabolic effect of macronutrients set against insulin is key.

If fat loss was as simple as working out your AEE and deducting 500 kcals then why would everyone be struggling and saying conflicting information. This would deduce that the reason there is not a "proven" system for fat loss, is that each individual is chemically reacting differently to macronutrient ingestion, and the manner they enact ATP energy from fat cells to use as fuel and hence calorie expenditure.

Yes "weight" loss will be achieved regardless of other elements by a 40% reduction of energy stable intake but there will a significant lose of muscle mass and obviously this is not a sustainable system. 

If a 10%-20% reduction of energy intake is enacted to try and decrease the mass of adiposity cells or the total number of adiposities (amount of fat in the body) this will not be successful on a suitable basis unless consideration is made to;

Baseline level of insulin resistance

Insulin is indeed the master hormone that regulates the flow of fat (and glucose) into and out of a fat cell. Carbohydrate intake raises (spikes) insulin. This causes a surge of insulin that will trigger your fat cells to soak up calories your body holds —but there are not enough calories and nutrients to provide the energy that our bodies need. The brain recognizes this discrepancy and triggers a hunger response that also slows our metabolism. We are then going to want to eat more whilst our body is in a state that greatly restricts fat oxidation. 

My theory is simple. Carbs increase insulin that induces the body to store more fat, whilst prohibiting the oxidation of fat currently held on the body.

Common sense tells us if weight loss is obtained by the continued decreasing of calories, there would come a point of metabolic shutdown. Therefore sustainable weight management must be achieved from optimal stable calorie intake. However with a stable calorie intake how can we lose fat? Well even a ultra lean 150 pound male with only 8% body fat still carries 12 lbs. of stored fat which at 3500 calories per pound of fat has over 42,000 kcals of fuel just sitting there. This fuel will remain untouched whilst the body is constantly drawing on carbs and blood glucose as fuel.  What is needed is fat adaption. This is definable by a shift in the *RQ ratio to 0.7 which means the body is electing fat as its primary fuel source. A diet high in essential fats, low in carbs and moderate in protein has been cited by science journals to assist with sustainable fat adaption.



*The respiratory quotient, or RQ, is simply the ratio of carbon dioxide you produce to oxygen you consume. This ratio typically varies from about 0.70 to just over 1.00 and indicates what energy source the body is electing as fuel (i.e., how much fat versus glycogen). When RQ is 0.70 (i.e., when you are breathing out 70% as much carbon dioxide as you are consuming oxygen), you are effectively getting all of your energy from fat. When RQ is 1.00 (i.e., when you are breathing out an equal amount of carbon dioxide to the amount of oxygen you consume), you are effectively getting all of your energy from glycogen. 


LOWER THE CARBOHYDRATES: the first law of thermodynamics

When we significantly lower carbs a calorie is no longer just a calorie, for facultative thermogenesis and obligatory thermogenesis need consideration. The body will always try and direct you back to its preferred energy source fat, when you strip away modern elements like carbs and sugar.

Note that a high-protein intake increases dietary thermogenesis. Protein expends more energy in digestion and absorption than any other macro (obligatory thermogenesis) and due to its increased thermic effect (facultative thermogenesis) less available net calories actually present themselves as energy, for you ‘lose’ kcals along the way from the facultative thermogenesis effect.

On an adapted low-carbohydrate intake the body dramatically increases gluconeogenesis, another of its ‘survival’ protocols. Here the body will produce its own glucose (carbohydrates) from non-carbohydrate molecules such as amino acids and fats.

Gluconeogenesis places a high demand upon the body’s metabolism, thus increasing its resting metabolic rate to ‘fund’ gluconeogenesis. In life there is always a cost!

The adoption of an ultra low carbohydrate intake will also dramatically fire up homeostasis. You are able to consume more and therefore adjusting the ‘First law of thermodynamics’. This is why I pay so much attention to the type of macronutrient and the timing of macronutrient consumption.

I believe we should eat to fuel our days, funding it with a high protein, high fat intake knowing this will metabolise our calorie intake as fuel, thus avoiding storing these calories as fat deposits.

When high demands are placed upon energy levels, I recommend to consume fats 2–3 hours before "key demand time slots" so that they digest and present themselves as fuel. This also stops sugar cravings from the successful stability management of insluin.

I have been on a low-carbohydrate diet for nearly 15 years now, and have moved to the 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol to limit my ‘feed time’ to 8 hours each day. I have also found that on the whole, my clients respond very favourably to this approach, and are able to sustain their results whilst keeping energy levels high and never feeling like they are sacrificing food for body image.

This approach to nutritional intake also sets the scene for the intense training I put my clients through. Low or depleted insulin levels from homeostasis ensure fat oxidation during aerobic training, thus providing a constant and stable energy supply to the body, whilst the high protein intake levels assist with muscle repair and recovery. 

We are all here today due to our perfect DNA code. The human body is engineered quite brilliantly to run off fat, why would you seek to alter that brilliance?