I am with you 7 days a week 

Let me introduce to you  "world class remote coaching" A truly bespoke training, nutritional and lifestyle experience each hand crafted by me, Scott Alexander, and available in the palm of your hand. The remote coaching experience is individualised, responsive and adaptive, concentrating on one need....Yours.


Globally accessible at any time of day or night in any time zone, each client has access to daily personalised training and nutritional digital content, bespoke training videos produced specifically for each client, the worlds most advanced "real time "coaching software, weekly Skype " fitness audits" with Scott Alexander alongside exclusive access to Scott's powerful and global " connect partners". Enrolment is limited to 30 places. There is already a waiting list. 


To me its a #fail when you just train a client for an hour a few times a week, and then leave the client to just get on with it for the remaining 23 hours in each day. I find that if I disengage with my clients, they ultimately disengage from their vision. Sticking to a rigid plan will never work, because life elements are not static. It is important therefore, to devise a structure that will both strengthen my clients “motivation” and give them an expert who can “respond” to changing life variables so that amendments and adjustments can be made effortlessly.

Every Prepre2Win Day therefore includes 4 weeks of “Remote Coaching” This includes daily detailed meal plans, outlining what you should eat and when. All Key elements like training times, business commitments, and recovery are factored to deliver nutrition that “fuels” the body efficiently. You will also receive detailed daily training plans so you know exactly what you are training right down to the last rep and % of VO2 max workout intensity.





Key Features:

* World class service 

* Bespoke training/fuel plans that adapt to each clients needs, goals and training analytics

* Daily Training and fuel plans broken down to precision detail

* Food shopping - cooking tuition - meal prep - food delivery service * additional cost

* World wide service

* Fat adaption and insulin management included

* Weekly health audit with Scott Alexander

* Direct 24/7 access to Scott Alexander via his private coaching line 

* Monthly remote coaching fee  circa £1,000 (reduced for Prepare2win clients)

* Reserved and limited to 36 places


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