we don't disconnect  


my opinion, there is little point in just training a client for an hour a few times a week, and then leaving them to get on with it. I find that if I disengage with my clients, they ultimately disengage from their vision. It is important, therefore, to devise a structure that will strengthen my clients’ ‘core’, one that we both have input to manage, monitor, and improvise.

The remote training element will plan all your training and diet to align with your goal and is personally devised by me and only me. I send you (via Dropbox) precision daily training plans with detailed information.

Each day you will have a de- tailed meal plan, outlining what you should eat and when. Key elements like training times, business commitments, and recovery are factored in and each macro and relevant micro are listed and put into energy graphs.

We have contact once a week via phone/Skype to set the fol- lowing week’s structure based upon your performance and social/business commitments, all with the aim of hitting your overall goal. Don’t forget I have precision data from the Prepare- 2Win program on each client, and for those who want that little bit more, I can supply the ‘performance sensors’ for fur- ther detailed monitoring. All this ensures success.