Intense 1 Day Program + 4 Weeks Remote Coaching 


It’s going to be intense, but this is the day that will change your life! The day with me at my state of the art facility, will both motivate and prepare you for fitness success.

I understand that even though you are used to winning and achieving in most other areas of your life, when it comes to your fitness goals, something is not quite clicking. There is a mixture of confusion and uncertainty that has been holding you back. 

As a world-leading motivational coach, and body transformation specialist my 20 plus years of training, and training others, what I see daily is confusion, uncertainty with an unstructured approach to fitness targets that omit the essential “magic” of the balancing of protocols centred around the most important element of any  lifestyle plan, you and the unpredictable nature of your lifestyle.

I have the experience, and the track record of client success to remove all doubt and put you on the winner’s podium. I don’t “do” luck, instead I firstly get to understand you and your lifestyle. I then take accurate baseline fitness markers, “how else can we hope to improve if we don’t know where exactly it is we are starting from?”.

Finally before I handcraft a bespoke lifestyle platform, I explain, educate,  and submit my reasoning behind each protocol, alongside the approach and hypothesis to ensure my client begins to “believe” in the life changing decisions that are made. A real decision is not “lets try it and see” The word decision drives from Latin “to cut off from” that means together we “cut off any possibility par what we are now committed to... 


 “I teach my clients to strengthen both their mind and body for optimal energy, health, and happiness. I deliver wholeness”


The results from my Prepare2Win days are always impressive and offers either a stand alone solution or to start a platform with me so that I can spend “quality” time with clients and together we start to move towards sustainable achievement...



My Prepare2Win program is my most popular service, and one that I am proud to say delivers results. Please beware demand is always high, so kindly book in advance if you have an importent deadline.

Included in this package: 

* Full day of assessments, tuition and mental conditioning with Scott Alexander tailored to your requirements. *see brochure below

* Accurate body fat analysis reading using the medical graded body stat 1500 MDD system.  Metrics taken: body fat % , fat weight, lean mass %, total weight, body water %, extra & intra cellular water % volume, dry lean mass, hydration levels.

* Bio metric base: blood pressure, resting heart rate, max heart rate, fatmax optimal fat oxidation bpm, oxygen saturation % , resting &  AT Respiratory rate.

* Fitness base: VO2 Max test (wattbike), lactate threshold heart rate(LTHR), Functional threshold power test, Alexander aerobic test, peak power (watts) test, heart rate recovery test.

* Wattbike tuition -  I will give expert tuition on the wattbike whilst also establishing ; power distribution %, riding positions, LT , better breathing control and performance.

* Training zones; the above metrics will contribute to establishing your personalised training intensity zones. There will be a practical implementation test at the end of the day to assess the factual body response, and to identify if any amendments are needed. 

* 4 weeks full remote coaching *Click for full details


You will find below my client Prepare2Win brochure embedded into the website or if you prefer you can download the pdf

To start the application process : please contact Alexander Bespoke

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