January "smash the fat" free HIIT workout

free 17 min HIIT Workout with audio coaching


So January is here, and I am not going to enter into any dialog of "why" some of you over indulged or how you could have "better managed the xmas period" thats the past, and it's what we do now, it's about taking control of our body back , being positive and doing something that amounts to "action".

Now there are many different training methods that will be effective, and I will be posting several free downloads this month to try and give you a little help with selecting useful workouts.

This workout follows a 1:2 HIIT ratio, so every sprint has double the recovery. This provides for a solid protocol that will benefit "most" of you. Remember to go in hard on the sprint intervals this is where the fat bashing occurs! The rest intervals are guides, so bring your heart rate to the level you need in order to recover enough for the next sprint. I have provided a free download on how to execute this workout and a free training mix with audio coaching to help keep you in the zone!! 

My top January tip: Buy yourself a bluetooth HRM and perform all your cardio and HIIT sessions against real targets! 

The Workout

The 17 MIN HIIT MAX workout alternates 12 rounds of intense 30 second efforts (90-100% V02max) with 12 rounds of  60 second recovery periods (50% V02max). 

Performing this workout with a high targeted heart rate intensity you will be placing your body under sustained challenge on your VO(2R) which is an effective method at improving the maximal aerobic capacity (V02max), lactate threshold, the economy of motion and endurance exercise performance.

What does the workout involve?

In this 17 minute workout you will be spending 6 total minutes at 90-100% V02max which is the training zone that will enable you to maximize fitness and body potential and allow you to better cope and recover more quickly from the physiological demands of the large training volumes and intensities utilised during endurance training.  This is supported by research looking at the effects of interval training on excess post-exercise consumption (EPOC) in which the researchers found that those with greater cardiovascular fitness (i.e. higher VO2max) had a reduced magnitude of EPOC (Matsuo et al., 2012) in other words they had a quicker return to resting metabolism than those with lower VO2max.

Show up with the mindset to nail the training intensity, work hard and stay disciplined and in control at all times. Achieve this and you will achieve 6 minutes of work at(90-100% V02max). This will allow you to burn fat at a much higher rate after you are finished training through the process that is known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).