How to optimally burn fat as fuel with the cardioguru app

The FatMax Training Zone

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Smart cardio training means varying the training intensity whilst paying attention to how the body is fuelled so that different cardio workouts achieve different results. In my opinion we must vary the training stimuli across stamina - endurance - Sprints and higher threshold aerobic workouts which are fuelled predominantly by fat to develop complete fitness capacity ability which will lead to increases in VO2 Max fitness and force adaption upon body composition.

Now the cardio guru app is the only software in the world that places the user in their unique "Fatmax zone". For those of you not familiar this training intensity, it's like steady state cardio however FatMax intensity is your optimal fat burning training intensity. Locking into this heart rate zone enables you to be in a state of prime fat oxidation, whilst allowing for fitness capacity adaption. My blog on fatMax can be reviewed:



Now the key to burning fat as fuel during a workout actually  requires you to "hold back" and not over exert the metabolism. The picture to the left is a screen shot of an actual FatMax workout I performed yesterday morning. Notice my stats, I have a HR session score of 99%. This means I stayed within my FatMax training zone almost entirely for the whole session.

Now if I had trained too hard and increased my HR above the zone ceiling, I would then enter my anaerobic threshold hence not oxidising fat as fuel. On the other hand if I trained less intense than my marked zone I would not be burning fat at the optimal rate and not pushing my metabolism hard enough to induce cardiovascular adaption upon my body.


I personally love 60 min fasted Fatmax sessions as I know I am fuelling the session by fat and I can feel the difference after the workout - I obtain a good kcal burn whilst testing my stamina. The CardioGuru App has 20/25/30/45 and 60 min FatMax protocol workouts and I will again vary the volume to match my training goal.

No Pre Workout or Carbs Please

It's import to note here that taking in a pre workout or carbs/sugars before a FatMax session would in fact make this session "non effective", as insulin would be spiked resulting in near impossible metabolic conditions for fat oxidation to take place (the training goal in this instance).

FatMax workouts should therefore be performed fasted or having no sugar / carbs ingestion for 3 to 4 hrs before working out.

Remember guys those who continually dismiss cardio are employing inefficient cardio training methodology. They don't understand the basics and achieve no benefit and then proceed to broadcast their failure as the failure of the protocol!!! lol

Once you begin to think "what is the purpose of this workout" and match it with the correct training protocol and fuel source, you will begin to see results fast and train "cardio smart". 

I can't express how much smart cardio training has helped me stay in shape - fight off illness - feel great & positive and allow me aged 40 to hold my own with those half my age! My advise is to take the time out to learn how ur body responds to  different types of cardio training and give time for adaption. Remember weight training is great & offers massive benefits but it won't "increase ur VO2 Max "nor remove" the most dangerous brown fat from the body, for that you need to train "cardio smart"