Alexander Wattbike Metabolic Sprints & Legs GVT Workout

10 x 10 Wattbike Sprints To Start...


“Many sell themselves the idea that they train legs with fierce intensity.... This workout will separate the men from the boys. Legs GVT meets HIIT & Wattbike Sprints.. Welcome to hell”

This is a challenging workout that I have found huge benefit from and one of the workouts that I have written into Tom Middlebrough's new program.

Make no mistake this workout will test your ability to keep the cast iron strong will power needed to hit the session targets.

Expect to be tested on both strength and fitness as your body is faced with varying weight stimuli in the form of 10 sets of 10 reps, with no rest only a change in tempo alongside demanding Wattbike sprints throughout the workout, thus requiring strong VO(2R).

I have adapted the original mass building GVT protocol here into a workout protocol that offers an alternative training system that will test the body against different and demanding stimuli that will force the metabolism into the opening of the adaptive pathways that lead to increases in lean muscle mass, cardiovascular ability and noticeable body fat loss.

This workout is not just about lifting weights, but training against intensity (% VO2 Max) as the main marker, you will learn to increase reps/sets/weight/tempo to meet your targeted TI. This enacts a basic principle that our bodies adapt to physical challenge and we physically modify ourselves to be able to repeat the challenge more readily, thereby causing ourselves less stress. In essence demand greater and greater challenge upon our muscle fibers, our muscles MUST grow. Stop the challenge and they regress......