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I train my clients to become athletes. Let my expertise educate, motivate, prepare and train you to reach a new level, a new height of elite fitness that will force your body to adapt to your aesthetic vision It's to be Coached2Win"

Without any history and a detailed personal physiological and psychological assessment of any client it is impossible to estimate how quickly or by how much someone can improve. Yes, I’ve worked with clients who have achieved a 25% body fat loss in less than 8 weeks; I’ve worked with actors who have started with 16% body fat and 8 weeks later have Greek god-like sculpted bodies with less than 5% body fat, and elite fitness levels.

I build platforms that go further than just aesthetic beauty, because there are greater considerations to take into account in order for each of my clients to be able to ‘sustain the results’. Muscle mass must be retained or increased and metabolic adaptation needs to be avoided, so that you don’t slip back into old ways after I’ve done my job. The nutritional environment needs to be optimized to ensure energy levels are high for peak demand levels in the day, and digestion levels of certain macros need to be lowered to help push you towards an RQ of 0.7 so that fat is used as primary fuel and oxidized 24/7.

Each one of us must develop a STRONG core in order to perform at peak and be at one within. This comes from knowing yourself and your goals, something successful individuals do instinctively.

I achieve this because my protocols are based around pure fitness. I turn my clients into athletes. Remember an athlete has built a body around function, hence they walk and breathe all year round, lean, in shape, and healthy. The Wattbike is the world’s leading fitness machine used by most elite athletes. It has enabled me to further develop my understanding of the heart, and my knowledge of HIIT and FATMax Cardio protocols to a level where I am now considered a leading expert. I am a HIIT Master Trainer, and I have completely revolutionized awareness of fat loss through fitness through my protocol work.


Natalie Alexander, my wife on the wattbike. She follows my unique protocol approach  on using this immense machine to gain considerable strength in  VO (2R) whilst losing and maintaining body fat loss

Click above to out about my Wattbike tuition service 

Click above to out about my Wattbike tuition service 

I also work alongside some of the world’s leading sports performance scientists. I have engaged with Dr Hinsta’s team who have developed the world’s most advanced performance monitoring sensors which transmit medical-grade ECG signals, giving the most reliable heart rate indicators, EPOC and tramp levels, and respiratory breathing rates, all of which give me the most accurate heart rate analysis for each of my clients. This is key in setting training intensity and recovery protocols.

My experience, contacts, and drive give my clients a considerable advantage when they lead busy lives. Whether you are a CEO, actor, or entrepreneur, I can adjust and adapt your training and diet with such precision as to accommodate busy periods and limited time slots for training, realign your nutritional intake following essential calorie-busting business or social dinners, and most importantly, ensure constant high energy levels.

Each platform is engineered to be unique using 3 key elements 

My approach is bespoke and it works. It’s born out of 20 years of experience. I take on only a few clients at any one time but I have apps, Twitter and a new online platform to reach out to the public at large. My methodology is based on empowerment and knowledge. We are all different. Giving somebody a robotic diet and training plan means they will fail. I commit a large amount of time to each client to understand their individuality. For example, the nutritional environment must match the client and the goal. It takes time to get it right, typically 3, 4, or even 6 weeks of changing macro timings, ratios, totals, and micronutrients whilst listening to the client attentively, and, most importantly, educating the client on each and every element of the journey, so they can not only understand what is happening, but learn to know their own body better. This enables my clients to formulate questions and have input into the platform so that they can collaborate with me in writing their own individual plan. This is the key to sustainability, and through adaptation, my clients know instinctively what is required to keep winning, even after our contract has expired. 

Every “Alexander” platform has three core elements:

1. Prepare2Win Before my clients get anywhere near a gym with me, I need to reset their mind away from self limitations and any lack of self belief. I also need to erase many of the bad habits and confused training/diet theories that have been repeated over and over again. My clients spend any- where from 1-3 days with me at my training and assessment facility where I empower them through one of my bespoke “Prepare2Win” programs .

2. Remote Training If I do something, I do it to the best of my ability. That means I don’t “switch off” when my client leaves the training studio. I ensure my client’s knows exactly what they are doing in terms of training, diet and recovery 24 hours a day , seven days a week. Through bespoke remote training software that I have developed, my clients have detailed daily macro plans, training plans, music play lists that I have had made to sync with workout times, and access to my expertise and contact base. I also have access to advanced monitoring equipment that uploads and fires across to my secure server exact workout intensity, ECG/EPOC/Kcal's/RR/TRAMP/Temp etc. All this ensures on the days I don’t train with my clients we don’t disengage from the vision of success.........

3. ONEonONE Once a client has completed a Prepare2Win program, and signed up for Remote Training , they can then hire me to do what I do best.. coach. From my exclusive Park Lane base I will pull together my 20 years experience and train your body to accept there are “ no limits” of where we are going..... 



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