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If you are aiming for sustainable fat loss, and a lean, conditioned, sculpted physique built from functional fitness, the Wattbike is THE essential ingredient in your program to guarantee success. All Scott's clients either rent or buy a wattbike.

No coach understands the Wattbike for fat loss and increasing fitness levels better than Scott Alexander, and his unique expertise and knowledge will ensure you get the most from this machine.


Here’s why Scott recommend's the Wattbike


Developed in association with the all conquering British cycling team, the Wattbike is the most technologically advanced indoor bike in the world. From its roots in elite cycling, the Wattbike has been adopted by sports stars across the globe including Olympic champion Jessica Ennis, Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button and All Black rugby legend Dan Carter ... and now it is available to you too.

The Wattbike’s unique real-ride-feel technology ensures riders experience the most realistic ride available on any indoor bike; it really does feel like riding a bike out of doors. The level of data from the performance computer is unrivalled amongst all fitness equipment allowing you to train like a professional.

The Wattbike force curve creates a force profile for each and every pedal revolution. Not only can you see the force curve in real time on the polar screen, but the Wattbike Expert software the data for every revolution can be stored for further analysis. For the downstroke of each leg the Wattbike force curve tracks the angle of peak force, the percentage contribution (balance of each leg) and maps the force curve so that the overall ‘shape’ can be viewed visually (the back up sampling data is available in the software).

The force curve on a Wattbike shows the force profile of the left and right leg downstroke:the left hand side is the left leg downstroke starting at the top of the graph (12 o’clock position) and finishing at the bottom of the graph (6 o’clock position)the right hand side is the right leg downstroke starting at the bottom of the graph (6 o’clock position) and finishing at the top of the graph (12 o’clock position)the angle of peak force is shown for each leg the contribution from each leg (balanced) is also shown on the monitor.


There is no place to hide when training with the Wattbike


Using the scientifically accurate data from the performance computer enables you to achieve results faster than ever before. With no wasted effort, no guesswork, and no place to hide, the Wattbike will totally revolutionize your training. The dual air and magnetic resistance is simple to use and will test your strength, both mentally and physically, to the limit. The live feedback (the polar view) showing you how to apply power to the pedals as you ride, encourages perfect form ensuring all your muscles are firing at the right time and that you are sharing the effort equally between your left and right legs.

The Wattbike is a cutting-edge piece of technology that will change the way you train forever and help you become a fitter, leaner you.



“ It should also be considered that over 65% of the body’s muscle mass resides in the lower body. By design, the leg muscles are the strongest muscle group; they burn more fat than any other part of the body, and support our core explosive strength. There is no doubt that the Wattbike is the leading indoor cycling machine and is also the most efficient fitness and fat loss cardio machine.


In my 20 years of training, and training others, no other machine whatsoever has had such an impact on increasing fitness levels and improving body composition as the Wattbike. I should say at this point, that I have no commercial association at all with Wattbike.

There is a reason why every premiership rugby team, most of the premiership football clubs, and sporting superstars all over the world rely on the Wattbike. It’s the machine elite athletes are tested on under laboratory conditions. It’s the British invention that ensured Team GB cycling dominance at the last Olympics. I’ve seen nothing short of a phenomenal impact upon the fat loss and increased muscle mass of my clients. Indeed, never has a single machine affected my own physique so positively with such an increase in fitness levels, and such a marked improvement in my body composition. The Wattbike is used by the elite cyclist community to hone their cycling fitness and performance levels for maximum effect. It provides the ultimate partner to HIIT and FATMax Cardio training and delivers results much more quickly than other cardio machines”.

With over 20 years experience, Scott Alexander, Master HIIT Trainer is changing how we train. Scott has carved out a reputation for himself as one of the world’s leading body transformation and motivational coaches and is recognized for getting countless Hollywood actors, professional athletes, the modeling elite and high-powered executives into incredible condition.
“Cycling is evolving, becoming more precision intelligent in its training protocol approach and application. This has led to a more disciplined and strategic methodology being available to athletes at all levels, enabling each and every one to achieve fitness ambition success.
By analyzing FTP, HRV, and pedaling technique, considering peak power, training load, cadence work, and HIIT interval training, simulating hill climbing or working with heart rate and power zones, it is possible to target many different areas of fitness. This provides diversity and varying challenges that can work the body from an anaerobic state to that of aerobic endurance through to VO2 max all in one workout”
Scott Alexander

It is important to understand that the Wattbike is not a ‘spin’ bike, neither does it work the body like other cardio machines. Unlike conventional cardio machines that offer assistance against force and resistance through a build-up of momentum (25–45%), the way the Wattbike works is almost identical to a road bike, using a wind turbine to support motion. The user is generating 100% of the power (watts) thus placing considerably more stress on the body’s metabolism, because it has to work harder to support the exercise training load.


The data generated by the incredibly accurate on-board computer can be directly applied by a coach or knowledgeable user to training protocol assessment and setup. Very personalised workouts are therefore delivered with minimum effort and confusion.

You can begin to manipulate the data extracted from the Wattbike and devise extremely effective workouts that cannot be matched by any other indoor fitness activity.

By breaking down training goals the Wattbike is the ideal machine for key protocol training:


* FatMax (for fat as main fuel workout through fat oxidation)

* VO2 fitness building

* Fat stripping

* Active recovery

Without doubt the Wattbike has the greatest benefit on HIIT training. Once mastered, the bike places a very high demand on the body’s metabolism resulting in large EPOC ‘spikes’. It actually enables much shorter workouts that remarkably give better results by ensuring that the HIIT training truly works the body anaerobically, releasing essential hormones for muscle growth, fat loss, and increased fitness levels. This will give further benefit to your resistance-based workouts, and you will notice increased muscle mass and strength in your legs, calf muscles in particular, and gluteal muscles, as well as an increase in abdominal core strength.

As an authority in the field of HIIT training, I have direct evidence that HIIT, performed correctly, will assist in creating the right chemical environment the body requires for muscle hypertrophy and simultaneous body fat loss.


Key Wattbike Tuition Features:


* Expert Coaching by arguably the worlds best Wattbike coach

* All Wattbike coaching days include 4 weeks of bespoke Wattbike training and support

* Weekly live remote Wattbike sessions to check and monitor your progress

* On average Scott increases his clients VO2 max by 30% inside the first 4 weeks of training with the Wattbike on his bespoke programs.

* Fees start at £1,000


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