With 22 years in the fitness industry under his belt, life body coach, master HIIT trainer and entrepreneur Scott Alexander is no stranger to hard work.

Despite reading law during his academic career, it was the fitness industry where his passions lay; his vibrancy and enthusiasm for cardio exercise and HIIT evident in his exacting and scientific approach to training, carefully calculating energy levels to help tailor make suitable workouts for his clients.

Describing his personal training style, Scott enthuses that it is 'energetically charged to remove all client self-doubt.' He continues 'The science of what I do is proven, and I motivate through empowerment. When I coach on the gym floor I do so with confidence, because I know my client’s body. I will get you over that finish line.'

With increasing numbers of fitness professionals tightening their net around particular niches within the exercise industry, it is now becoming harder than ever to stand out. Scott tackles this by taking an all-encompassing approach with his clients, swapping the regulated structure of constant hour-long PT sessions with focusing on mental conditioning. 'I know from experience the pressure of having to find big subs or giving 50% of my income to the health club. It can make a PT focused on billing hours like a lawyer, and forced to neglect having empathy with their client outside the billed 60 minutes. For me, I found the above approach limiting. The mind needs conditioning,' he emphasises.

Going into more detail about his method, Scott explains 'My methodology is based on client empowerment and knowledge. We are all so very different, and it is my job as a coach to fully understand and embrace every client’s uniqueness. I teach my clients to strengthen both their mind and body for optimal energy, health, and happiness. I deliver wholeness.'