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- join me in Park Lane,London 

My most powerful skill is ONEonONE coaching on the gym floor. I know I am capable of pushing my clients harder than anything they have ever experienced, because I don’t guess training intensity. Instead I coach my clients to the edge of their fitness baseline markers with a structured and calculated approach that is both safe and efficient. 

Remember you are training with a “Master Trainer” with over 22 years experience, who walks his talk and the man who has devised and engineered HIIT, FatMax and Metabolic Acceleration training protocols that are followed the world over. You are also training with the person responsible for developing the worlds most advanced fitness software platform.

You are training with a coach who will never allow you to relent, never allow you to quit and never let you even consider second place.

I now exclusively offer to a limited number of people  direct access to my world renowned life coaching methodology and trade marked HighVoltBody training & diet platforms. If your goal is fat loss, muscle sculpting, mental empowerment and body transformation, you need a very bespoke and individually tailored platform build specifically for you to help guarantee your success. 

As your personal life coach I will work with you to find out “what's holding you back from achieving your potential? What truly makes you content and happy and what’s important to you and why… My coaching methods empower by partnering with my clients in ideology discussions within a creative process that inspires and optimize personal and professional potential. I honor the client as the leader in his/her life and respect individual creativity, beliefs and principles. 

When I have you, my client in front of me expect electrifying energy levels and fierce coaching to push you beyond ‘can’t’ and well outside your comfort zone. Expect your body to feel so uncomfortable it must “adapt” to survive.

My purpose is to make a real positive difference to the way you exercise so that you become as an fit an athlete, and reconnect with inner peace so that you can enjoy and appreciate your body.

Remember my goal is to give you total sustainable health. This encompasses balance and a seamless fluid synergy among your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. Neglect, failure or complacency in one area will cause “stress” levels to raise in other areas of your life and this is when we begin to feel the force of negativity, allowing the areas we perceived to be getting right, start to “unexplainably” falter. When I coach you, I demand myself to know, understand and relate to you, so that we can build a body transformation system that will balance into your existing lifestyle demands.  We will identify the social, economic, personal and psychological challenges that will be thrown at you to try and “knock” you off balance. I will prepare you for these obstacles so that you instinctively defeat them. 

To empower you, I will engage you with my HighVoltBody platform integrated with Macro nutrient diet fat blasting principles and voltage training intensity levels for super fast body sculpting.

I consider the  HighVoltBody system the most effective, sustainable efficient training style to drop body fat fast, tone, develop and sculpt your entire body whilst dramatically improving fitness levels and posture.

Fitness evolution has given us today a greater understanding of sports physiology, nutrition, neuroscience and medical factors in optimising health & fitness results. As a trainer with over 20 years experience under my belt, I am able to coach my clients to a leaner, fitter and rock hard body they are proud of in a fraction of the time it used to take. 


I've known Scott for years, and I've tracked his progress and have always been inspired by his dedication to fitness and sharing his advise with others.

I made a life changing decision last year and when I decided to change my mind, body and goals, I contacted Scott to ask for his advice and guidance.

Willingly he offered to help me change my health and training for the better and to assist me with obtaining balance within. Over the past year I've learned so much about my body and how training smart will give me an efficient and sustainable system, whilst learning to incorporate the varying of my heart rate intensity levels during cardio training, which has has given me increased levels of fitness I never saw as possible before.

My diet has been set at on a body fuelling 16/8 Intermittent Fasting protocol and Scott has guided me to as to what to eat and when for my body. This is the one diet that I've found that suits me and delivers the best results.


If I am honest the most important and respected thing Scott's done for me, is he can relate and understood my worries, pressures and sometimes lack of focus and commitment and he's always been able to give me solid, positive and inspirational answers and guidance to help me get where I need to be both mentally and physically.

This is a journey not a sprint for me, and I still have a long way to go but knowing I have Scott's "Your CardioGuru App" and the knowledge I've gained I know I'm gonna take it to the next level..... 

Calum Best

Celebrity - Model - Actor & Entrepreneur 

Key OneOnOne Training Features:


* Exclusive Park Lane London training studio with 24 hour access

* Discreet and bespoke coaching service 

* VIP back of building entrance available

* On site chef 

* Scott Alexander's rates;

  £450 an hour stand alone rate

  £300 an hour with remote coaching subscription

  £250 an hour with Prepare2Win Program

  £3000 ++ day rate

* Elite Alexander Coaching Specialists (trained by Scott) £110 per hour


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